What We Do

Our Story

Leveraging over 45 years of experience, Delfab delivers quality care and client satisfaction. In 1976, we started as a textile importer and fabric converter for Canada’s fashion industry. In the early 2000s, we pivoted our business towards medical textiles, as importing needs rose and clients turned to us for solutions. We facilitated the connection between overseas manufacturers and medical textile manufacturers sourcing textile products in Quebec. With experience came growth and a decision to service the end-users, hospitals and laundries, directly. Our ability to provide a personalized and efficient customer experience is the cornerstone of our business. And our reputation speaks for itself: clients rely on us to deliver a high-quality, durable product at affordable prices that meets the growing needs of an ever-changing industry.

Superior Quality

Our commitment to providing high-quality products is tied to our commitment to sustainability. We offer premium healthcare products that are reusable and even exceed the number of washes according to industry standards. All of our sources are vetted, sampling and production undergoes rigorous quality control and we offer industry-specific testing on demand. Our promise is to deliver a durable and comfortable product that lasts.


Our dedicated and agile team fulfills orders quickly and on short notice. We offer a variety of delivery solutions to respond to urgent orders and that take into account each client’s unique needs. Our promise is to deliver customizable orders with rapid turnaround times.

Exceptional Care

Our reputation is built on high levels of client satisfaction and personalized services. With a human-centered approach to collaboration, we believe it’s essential to connect with our clients in person or virtually in order to fully understand their needs. We provide a milestone calendar to all of our clients to track the progress of their order, and include samples for approvals on custom orders before they are fulfilled. We also provide forecasting models for pricing and production lead times well in advance in order to reduce any disruption to a client’s business cycle. Our promise is to provide exceptional care for every type of order and need.