Healthcare Textiles

We confidently supply North America’s healthcare industry with superior, cost-effective, reusable textiles. Our linens and garments are specifically designed to meet your establishments needs for dependable patient care.

Textile IT

Now offering the most advanced software and intelligent dispensing solutions from ABG Systems to help you identify, track and distribute all your reusable linens and uniforms.

Custom Textiles

With over 40 years’ experience in textile importing and conversion, we work with our trusted network of global producers to source the fabrics needed by our customers, giving you a competitive manufacturing edge in your respective markets.

Home & Lifestyle

At Delfab, our commitment to well-being extends beyond traditional healthcare markets. We are true believers in pursuing wellness in our day-to-day lives. Our imports of holistic and lifestyle merchandise help consumers make active choices towards a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Delfab’s mission since 1976 has always been to work for our clients by developing unique product, sourced globally. Thanks to our large network of international suppliers, we can easily respond to the diverse needs of our North American and European clients, thereby giving them a competitive edge in their respective markets. Delfab's made-to-order products are sampled, produced, shipped, and delivered quickly. Versatility is prioritized. That's why at Delfab we have spent the past four decades working with our clients' specifications to ensure that orders meet their standards.